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Friday, November 10, 2006

Neoconservatism: Still a Strong Public Opinion

With the loss of the both houses in the US Congress, one might think that the Republicans are licking their wounds and wondering how something so drastic could have happened to their control of policy making in America. That would certainly be a strong recommendation from activists across the nation who are still steadfast in their central beliefs in small & efficient government, a strong national defense, a business-friendly environment, and a reasonable tax system.Have Republicans lost their message or have they wandered from it?Pork-barrel spending continues to be out of control, just as it was when the Democrats were in control pre-1994. Corruption appears to be just as prevalent as it was when the liberals had the power. Positive change for the middle-class, arguably the backbone of our nation, has been quite similar as it was under a Democratic Congress. So what did the conservative unaffiliated voters and some Republicans do? They punished Republicans. This anti-Republicanism may have spanked the nation more than they know however. I am in agreement with many conservative pundits that Republicans largely lost this election because it was Republicans who had abandoned their principles. The problem is that now that those voters have spanked the Republican Party, they may have punished America in the process.The real question is will the Democrats deliver America what she most desperately needs? Will the Democrats win WW III? Will they keep a pro-business culture but help the middle-class? Will they stop or curtail pork-barrel spending? Time will tell. I am not convinced that the country will be better off now after having punitively hurt the Republicans.Worse, the media frenzy over Rumsfeld’s resignation, and subsequent discussion of the "end of neo-conservatism" may be the largest lost in great political philosophy in our a nation’s history. Neo-conservatism is exactly what it is: open trade, expansionistic of liberal democracy, fundamental family values, pro-capitalistic, pro-business, pro-efficient government with a strong national defense and the fortitude to fight our enemies. We must NEVER lose sight of those fundamental values within the context of that worldview: neo-conservatism. Moreover, to say that neo-conservatism is a ideology that is over is a gross misunderstanding of a great many of Americans who fully understand the threats that we face in 2006 and beyond. Paleo-conservatives and liberals do NOT have an answer to the Islamofascist threat. They do NOT have a plan to integrate the world economy. They do NOT have a plan to help our economy be strong through a pro-consumer market. As of consequence, the only action they can do is protest and complain about the status quo. Unfortunately, that will not help in any one of these important discussions.Defiance.Yeah, I am defiant of America’s decision to oust the Republicans. Sure, I get it! I understand that Iraq is a mess, the middle-class could do better and that the Republican Party has left many of its basic principles. However, to punish the party may have been the worst of all worlds in rewarding the terrorists, even encouraging them, closing down trade, living in a family valueless country, and creating an anti-business environment. I don’t want to be France and I am really worried that is where we are headed.So where are we headed? Much of the next few years will depend upon conservative Democrats, almost all freshmen legislators, bucking the liberal hierarchy of their party, working with President Bush to find common ground and the Republican Party getting back to its principles.Getting back to Republican principles not only means living it (something they have not adequately done), but also promulgating it to American unaffiliated and Democratic patriots. They can do it. The question remains: will they remain a house divided (seeking to supplant either moderates or conservatives within the party) or will they unite under a common banner of optimistic conservatism.A common banner would be a one of a recognition that the country is ready to move to the left (VERY bad idea). So, the best idea for Republicans would be to not move to the center, but embrace the marketplace of ideas (this is acceptance of compromise), send out their message better and LIVE BY THAT MESSAGE! Juxtaposed to that concept should be the idea that Republicans MUST work to get ALL Republicans elected at all levels of government. This should be an amalgamation of their common theme. Unity is paramount!Yeah, the Republicans are divided and they have left the party’s basic tenants. However, now is the time to unite and send a clear message, uncorrupted and without the post-election "Washington as usual" attitude.This attitude can and should be actuated. Moreover, it must be actuated or our nation may be something quite different from what it is currently: the greatest nation to have ever existed.


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