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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Just say NO to the Road Map

Here is my letter President George W Bush. Please Pardon the direct repeats of analysis.

Dear Mr. President,

Again, I am so eternally grateful that it is YOU and not Senator John Kerry who is residing in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Your leadership in keeping the tax cuts permanent, Social Security reform, environmental issues, energy reform, the No Child Left Behind Act, keeping our nation within the gamut morality, your outstanding commitment to Homeland Security and the prosecution of the War on Terror is not only commendable, but I am confident that of all of this will go down in history in the permanent goodness that it deserves. Moreover, the Bush Doctrine is the model by which future presidents (even if they are center-left) will undoubtedly (and rightfully so) have to maintain with regard to American security. Our nation, and indeed the world, will be much better because of your leadership.

Your leadership with regard to Arab terrorism in Israel however is something amiss, in my opinion. I do not fully understand why you and your great administration, full of such bright people, would advocate a terrorist, contiguous state next to Israel, arguably our best friend and ally in the world. The Road Map is definitely one thing that I would think your administration would oppose, given your stance on Islamic radical terrorists against the United States. So why is it, Mr. President, that you are forcing Jews to succumb to the terrorists against Israel? I think that the State of Israel and Jewry (and Zionist Christians) worldwide demand an explanation of your position. "Palestine," historically, has never been a state. Rather it was a region, so labeled by the anti-Semitic Roman Empire, which forcibly removed Jews from their land--creating the Diaspora.

Much later, there was very little there. In 1867, Mark Twain described the Holy Land, outside of Jewish settlements:"There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent--not for thirty miles in either direction. There are two or three small clusters of Bedouin tents, but not a single permanent habitation. One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings..."

After Zionism was established (i.e. the return of Jews to the Holy Land), Jews bought land from Arabs in area. Most of the land owners did NOT live in the area. In fact many were tax collectors and other business people from Beirut and Damascus. The Syrian prefect, under the Ottoman Empire, was the ruling province over the Holy Land. There of course was no Palestine. In most cases the Jews were charged ridiculously overpriced costs to purchase the mostly baron, desert and marshy land. (Dershowitz, 2003)Nevertheless, the Jewish settlers escaping oppression came in and made the land pregnant. In fact, it was this ability of the Jews to do so that ultimately attracted Arab settlements (AFTER the fact) to come and permanently settle. (Singer, 2005)Before that, "historians, demographers, and travelers described the Arab population as 'decreasing,' and the land as 'thinly populated,' 'unoccupied,' 'uninhabited,' and 'almost abandoned.'" (Dershowitz, 2003)After WW I, Great Britain conquered the Ottoman Empire and created the "British Mandate," which included the land of Syria, Jordan and the Holy Land. As I have mentioned to you and others before the Balfour Declaration establish a Jewish homeland then. The League of Nations ratified it and the League of Nations accepted a Jewish state. (Palestine Facts, British Mandate)Unfortunately, the Arabs could not stand to have a Jewish state in any part of the Middle East and responded by slaughtering Jews, burning their homes and kicking the Jews out. (Dershowitz, 2003)By 1929, the connection between anti-Semitism in Europe was synonymous with Arab thought in the Holy Land. The Mufti of Jerusalem, appointed by the UK, turned on the allies and the Jews and helped to prosecute Hitler's "Final Solution." (Free Republic, The Arab-Nazi Connection)Jews made the land pregnant, immigrants came in, hated the rightful owners of the land, and tried to exterminate the population. (Singer, 2005)In 1948, Israel became a worldwide recognized state vis a vis the United Nations, with 22 Arab nations (all of them) voting against it. Those same 22 Arab countries then attacked the tiny Jewish state and told the Arab populace that any Arab who became an Arab-Israeli, was a traitor to the cause. This caused the Arab refugee problem that persists today. (Dershowitz, 2003)

Speaking of today, why is it that indigenous natives of America are not blowing themselves up in Colorado or Nebraska or Arizona or New Mexico or other states of America? Why is it okay for America to "occupy" what was Mexico? Given the argument of "Palestinian" Arabs, should I not give up my apartment in Fort Collins, Colorado to Native Americans or to Mexico? If this argument is true, then I currently reside in "OCCUPIED" Fort Collins, Colorado. Ought we not create a contiguous Native American nation? Or perhaps we should allow for the land taken from Mexico to be given back: including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and California?

Mr. President, I am neither a bigot nor am I a racist against Arabs. Nor am I racist in any regard. In fact I ARDENTLY support your immigration reform with regard to undocumented workers in America. Rather, I wish real peace in the Middle East. However, I want you to imagine a defiant Japan after WW II (or Germany for that matter). We won the war, right? There was not a call for Americans to "give up land" to the losers, was there? Did Japan demand that we give them Hawaii? In that same regard, we did not "give up land" to Mexico before that, did we? So why are the Jews subjected to a different standard?

In 1948, 1967 and in the Yom Kippur war, Israel gained land EVERY time. Why must the Jews make concessions for that in negotiating a true peace? President Jimmy Carter facilitated the "peace" with Israel and Egypt, but again, the Jews made most of the concessions after having won a war.
Sir, it is Israel, not the Arabs who want real peace. The peace of democracy, of which we both agree is the ultimate solution, is most definitely NOT what "Palestinian" Arabs want. Rather, democracy is a means to an end for these terrorists. Ultimately, this is the complete destruction of the DEMOCRATIC and FREE State of Israel. Even Pro-Palestinian groups' polling shows us this. As an example, the PMLA poll which revealed that 51% of "Palestinians" seek the complete destruction of Israel. (Facts of Israel, 2002) This is inconsistent with your vision under the Road Map, even if democratically elected.

Moreover, living standards and education are NOT the reason for Arab terror against Israel. In fact, "Palestinians" have the highest number of PhD's in the Arab World. Rather, it is, in fact, NAZI anti-Semitism, as taught in mosques, by imams and in the Arab (and Islamist) media. (Dobro, 2003)

So the question becomes, how do we deal with this? Is it by supplicating to terrorism? I would argue that if Israel were the 51st state of the United States that your stance would undoubtedly be quite different from the Road Map. So why is it that we hold the Jews to a different standard?The time has come for one of the greatest administrations in American history to see the Arab-Israeli situation for what it is. The entire Islamic world teaches anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. Our mutual fight of the West and Jews which include the civilized world should be unified, not divided. Please reconsider your position on the Road Map. A contiguous terrorist state, which will only breed more anti-American terrorists is most certainly NOT in the spirit of the Bush Doctrine, nor is it within the spirit of REAL peace, coexistence, freedom of religion or democracy.

Again, I am still most thankful that YOU are the one leading our nation (and our world). However, I firmly believe that we must reconsider the Israel question with regard to the status quo of your present administration.

KNOW, that I am and will continue to be your faithful (and staunch) ally in America (being the former President of the College Republicans at Colorado State University and currently a Bonus Member of the Larimer County Republican Party Executive Board). However, I must hold an ardent position against your policy with regard to Israel and I will continue to inform members of the party (and anyone who will listen) that your Road Map is, quite plainly, the WRONG vision for the Middle East. Moreover, your supporting of Israel releasing terrorists and a contiguous terrorist state will most certainly serve to undermine the very tenants of your policy with regard to our US Homeland Security.

Hence, the time has come for you to act (in good faith) upon the evidence that truly exists with regard to our friend Israel. We must denounce PM Ariel Sharon's unilateral withdrawal of Jewish "settlements" and we must resolve to find a REAL solution to the ongoing challenge of "Palestinian" refugees. If you should be so willing to be inclined, I would happily assist to provide for a solution (a real one) that seeks to uplift the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza and will actually resolve the settlement question. I firmly believe that there IS an answer to the madness that persists, but it is MOST DEFINITELY NOT the Road Map.

Altering your position on the Road Map would NOT be a flip flop. You could extend political capital to modify your position quite easily. There is nothing wrong with reviewing the facts and modifying your position, given the overwhelming evidence of anti-Americanism within the Palestinian Authority (INCLUDING Abu Mazen).

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you; may our mutual savior Jesus Christ be the one of redemption; and may there truly be peace on Earth.

God Bless you, God Bless America, and God Bless the USA.

Yours Sincerely,

Wendell Charles Fogland
525 E Drake Rd 111b
Fort Collins, CO 80525
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