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Monday, January 17, 2005

The Nature of Modern Terrorism

Ideologue. Black and white. Islamic fundamentalism. Dar al-Islam or Dal al-Harb, which are you? Are you a Muslim or a "kafir" (an infidel)? An infidel is anyone who is not a Muslim, being a part of the Dal al-Harb world. Killing infidels equals a host of virgins in heaven for the slaughterer. Thumping Nazi propaganda into Islamic fundamentalism with a fusion of extreme left-wing hatred of capitalism promulgates a message of hate, anti-Americanism but especially anti-Semitism.

Nazi propaganda from the 1930’s stated in part that the real problem of the world was Jewish capitalists. Hitler was able to woo leftist communists to his National Socialist Party with this chatter despite his extreme right-wing ideology. The Mufti of Jerusalem of the time personally promised to assist in Hitler's "Final Solution" to the Jewish Question in the Holy Land. This is well before the UN resolution to establish Israel as a state in 1948. Mufti Haj Amin al Husseini was a Waffen-SS leader who commanded Islamic Nazis in Albania. After the UN declared Israel a sovereign state, the mufti declared Jihad which largely created the Arab refugee problem in Israel. Of note, the Nazi collaborator Haj Amin al Husseini was Yassir Arafat's uncle.
Today Islamofascists continue to carry this message in their educational systems, and by socialization from their media.

"Kill the Jew, kill him there, kill him everywhere."

"Oh Muslim, the rocks and trees will call out, 'Here is a Jew hiding come and kill him.'"

Fascism has components (among others which also reinforce this argument) of hyper-patriotism combined with public marches, uniforms and totalitarianism. Uniforms do not have to be by Western standards. The head dress and clothing requirements of al-Aqsa Brigrade, al-Qaida, and Hamas all qualify as uniforms.

Left-wing hatred of capitalism finds its home easily with Islamofascism because it teaches that the proponents of the capitalist structure are Jews. This unholy fusion may be seen on our universities and Colorado State is not excluded.

We must wake up and get our heads out of the sand!

Israel, although it is a pluralistic, democratic and free society, that protects every person's right to religious freedom and voting rights, is being attacked by the leftists. Islamofascism teaches that America is run by Jews and the Zionists control our government. That makes sense to a leftist on campus because of her or his inherent Marxist desire to break the structure of the capitalist system.

That is absolutely NO different from what the furor taught. His obsession with anti-Semitism caused the single most destructive war in human history. The so-called "Final Solution" caused the persecution, torture, and extermination of millions of Jews.

At Colorado State University, under the guise of a "cultural awareness group," the Palestinian Student Association is demonstrably anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism comes in two forms. One, it can be a desire to kill every Jew. Two, it can be a desire to destroy Israel and drive it into the sea. The later is exactly what Yassir Arafat, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and three time visitor to the Clinton Whitehouse, repeatedly stated, even after the Oslo Peace Accords.

"Resort" is the word of the day on campus. The Palestinian people have to "resort" to terrorism. Resort? Excuse me, when is it ever acceptable for anyone to sit down in a pizzeria next to a mother and her two young children to blow them up? American beheadings okay with you too? Resort is the worst excuse to ever possibly justify an act of horrific terror against innocent civilians. It is not courageous; it is pusillanimous and it is wrong.

Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Arafat, the leaders of Iran and others in the Middle-East are ideologues desiring the slaughter of Jews and the destruction of America. They do not care if you are an atheist, a Christian, a Buddhist, or a Hindu. Nor do they care if you are an ethnic minority or not. They are not interested in your sexual preference either. What they really want for you, if you fail to share their religious-based and fascist form of governance, is to die.

This unholy alliance between the left-wing and Islamofascism must be combated. I challenge anyone who has an appreciation for diversity, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and a pluralistic form of governance to take a stand against this truly deplorable villainy.

There is only one nation in the Middle-East that protects its citizens' rights and is fighting on our side in the War on Terror: Israel. Israel is not an apartheid state, nor does it terrorize anyone. It does protect its citizenry against Islamofascism however. If it is okay for the United States and the United Kingdom to fight it, why is it not okay for Israel to do it? Together, Israel and America share a common destiny: Individual freedom and representative democracratic governance.

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