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Friday, June 24, 2005

Monster like

A “contiguous state.”

Umm, pardon me for interrupting, but I am appalled at George W Bush’s plan for Israel. I kid you not, I am so with him on his fighting terrorism, but I am so against this idea so announced by the State Department of a “contiguous Palestinian ‘State,” that I am at complete odds with everything he (Bush) does with regard to the “Arab-Israeli” question.

I am afraid that our president has gone on the way side of our righteous mission of REAL PEACE in the Middle East.

We must be vigilant. We MUST see this situation in its true reality.

…[M]ore to come on anti-Semitism in the Arab world and the “Palestinians.”


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Blogger Len said...

I agree with virtually everything you say. In my opinion, unilateral disengagement equates to an unbearable appeasement of terrorism. Sadly, the situation in Israel will only deteriorate. Bibi was a far superior candidate for the role; at least his family members aren’t Israel-renouncing Arab sympathisers.

By the way, are you Jewish?

6:53 AM

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