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Friday, June 24, 2005

Israel under attack

Well it seems Israel is under fire again. Why? Because Israel has checkpoints not just in between Israeli territories and “settlements,” and also between its “settlements” and Arab settlements, but also among and in between “Palestinian settlements.”

The reason for this is simple. Rockets and suicide bombers make their origination in Arab settlements inside Israel (West Bank and Gaza) and then are transported to other Arab settlements closer to more prominently Jewish areas of Israel, where they move upon more realistically idealized terrorist activities. These activities result in more slaughtering of innocent people (Jews) within so-called Jewish proper or inside the “Green Line,” and upon Jewish “settlements,” ALL of which are innocent civilians. The IDF policy of check points within its territory of Israel that happens to have predominantly Arab settlements is more than justified in this regard.


This is nothing more than another “happy-go, lucky-go, liberal feel-good” attack on the Israel’s policy of protecting innocents from rockets and suicide bombers. It only makes sense from a pragmatic point of view that Israel would have check points between “Palestinian” settlements. Israel has a right to protect itself and Israel ALWAYS does so with the utmost restraint. Nevertheless, the left continues to denounce this simple fact.

Moreover, it is an anathema that a free democratic, liberal state, that protects the rights of all its citizens regardless of race, creed, religion, sex, or sexual preference would be under the attack of the left. It is quite hypocritical for the left to view this situation as a human rights issue in a “Pro-Palestinian” view.

“Palestinian” Arabs want the complete and utter destruction of Israel (anti-Semitc); they want to destroy the infidels (bigoted), and they hate America, quite contrary to President George W Bush’s Bush Doctrine.

We must be vigilant.

We must not allow the leftists to redefine these honorable and legal checkpoints.


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