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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Politics in full swing!

So here we are, a couple a weeks away from what is probably the most important election since 1860. WWIII is real. WWIII is here and no I am most certainly not fearmongering. Moreover I am rather tired of being labeled a "fearmonger" simply because I and others in intelligentsia are calling like it is: WWIII. Osama bin Ladin calls it WWIII, our enemies are chanting "Death to America," and they are scheming and plotting every minute of everyday in how to destroy us. Now is the time for my compatriots on the other side of the isle to stand in unison against the great threat that we face. Put all of the "God, gays and guns" aside for a moment and consider that we a nation at war. We can and should continue the debate over social and economic issues, with civility. However, for the life of me I cannot understand why we are divided over securing our borders and fighting our enemies.

The Democrats want to cut and run and re-deploy to Okinawa at a critical and divisive time in the War on Terror in Iraq. HELLO!!! What message will this send to our enemies? The answer is clear! Crystal clear!!! It emboldens them. Given that the Muslim birth rate is much higher than ours, it is also clear that without a renaissance the enemies will win which why we must take the fight to them and destroy them before they do us.

This is not fearmongering. I stand behind my words in my previous post "A divorce from pessimism: neoconservatism."

My point is that it is the Democrats who are fearmongering. YES, I said it, and with all confidence. They are one's saying we cannot win and we are being defeated. They are the one's claiming that we made a big mistake and should admit it. Democrats say that Bush lied to get oil. That is fearmongering.

Republicans on the other hand are saying we can win in Iraq, criticize the president's tactics if you will but not our strategy. Republicans are optimistic that our deeply held worldview of freedom and democracy can and will win us in this ideological war. We get this tradition from former Professor of Political Science at Princeton University and Democratic President of the United States Woodrow Wilson. FDR, another Democrat also believed in this worldview. If the American left understood our resolve against the Nazi and Japanese regimes of the WWII, enough to drop two a-bombs killing innocent civilians in Japan and carpet bombing German innocents, why does it fail to stomach what it takes to beat our enemies now?

Democrats want to extend Constitutional rights to our enemies! Hello!!! Did we extend it to non-uniformed enemies at anytime in our history? No.

Democrats do not want to monitor phone conversations between suspected terrorists from and to the US with a foreign country. Can you imagine without this program if we had been hit again what the liberals would be saying about President Bush? He would forever be known in infamy. Moreover, this wiretapping method does not and will not ever affect you unless you are communicating over seas with our enemies.

We can win the peace in Iraq and we can destroy our enemies. We must be strong not weak! "America is not for the feighnt hearted. It is for the brave." Ronald Reagan

Get out and vote and vote Republican to send a message to the fearmongering Democrats.


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